Who are the karmic partners?

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Throughout our lives we meet new people, some we get to know superficially and some more deeply, but each individual leaves some relative mark on us. Humans are, like everything around us, energy; therefore, each person has in his or her life persons who are appropriate for  them in a certain way, either characteristically, physically, by their fluid or yet repulsive to them. That is the essence of energy – attraction and repulsion.

But what about people who mean more to us than others, and who we rightly call special? I’m not referring to those classic falling in love here because love, like everything else, has its expiration date. Love like fire ignites us, burns us, then smokes and extinguishes. This probably happens as a result of the fact that every person is unstoppably changing psychologically and physically throughout life, and after a while we realize that we are no longer the same person a year or more ago. And accordingly, we have changed somewhat the perception of ourselves and the world around us. What suited us yesterday is probably not so important today. However, this should not scare or worry you as it is a completely normal sequence of events in everyone’s life. After all, it is in the primal nature of man to always move on.

The soul in search of the soul

It is difficult to say whether or not there are karmic partners. Apart from birth and death, we cannot be absolutely sure of anything else. But this should never stop us from exploring and expanding our horizons. Also, it is important to know how to separate the grain from the weeds, meaning, the good from the bad. Today, we are literally overwhelmed with all sorts of philosophies, views and opinions, most of which are superficial and fictitious in order to please the masses. The best example is reincarnation. Everyone who allegedly dealt with this was in the past life some famous or rich person, few have had an average or poor life. And that is simply impossible. Reincarnation really does exist, and we see the best evidence in nature. A nature that literally dies and is reborn through the change of seasons. But somehow, I always get the feeling that wisdom ceases to be wisdom when everyone starts to deal with it, because a crowd of men will always make a foolishness out of wisdom.

Returning to the karmic partners topic; as I have already noted, it is in human nature that it constantly strives to go forward, and so our souls tend to the same. But unlike the body, which longs for material pleasures, the soul has only one goal – to connect with its soulmate and become complete.

The soul is universal and does not possess gender, nor does this definition mean anything to it. By entering the human, animal or plant body, the soul bestows upon it a life without which nothing grows or develops. For the soul, every new body is actually a new experience and realization. As a plant, it will experience a strong connection to the Earth and its energy. In the body of the animal, all senses will live intensely and so much knowledge will be absorbed, and in the body of a man it will realize the power of the mind.

Through all these indescribable odyssey, the soul will constantly strive for unification and harmony. Because, after all, we are not complete when we are alone, only a part of it is filled. The whole universe, including the Earth, is built on the principle of reciprocity; everything relies on one another and nothing can exist for itself. Since we are all energy, we all transform into one another or, to put it simply, nourish one another, starting with bacteria and beyond. So, in order for our physical body to exist, it must eat. But the soul does not need that kind of food but the pure, energetic one that we humans call love. And this is where we slowly reach our karmic partners. However, first of all, one must distinguish between what is fateful and what is karmic partner.

Human destiny as a mission

Everyone who lives, carries with them their destiny, and therefore, there are many people in his or her life, from parents, family, children, relatives, friends, lovers, mistresses, to husbands and wives. Because of the hormones and the natural desire to create a family and live like everyone around us, we marry, very often because of a passion for someone, or out of desperation not to grow old on our own, or we simply marry because of calculations. Whether we are driven by emotions or practical interest, marriage is formed. After a period of time, as many world statistics relentlessly show, most marriages break down and divorce. Let’s understand each other – this is still a positive epilogue to the situation where partners are literally living with each other, waiting for their children to grow up, or secretly hoping for a spouse to die first, so that they become free to finally get on with their lives.

In fact, all of this is human fate or in other words, mission. With a person we can have a  mission to create children, to build a house with someone, to spend everything with someone, to make us happy or hurt us a lot. When that mission is fulfilled, then the meaning of our life together disappears and then we enter a vacuum. No love, no luck. We wait for some miracle, and we console ourselves and feed only hope. And the only thing that happens is that we become nervous, angry, dissatisfied, scared. Basically – unhappy.

A meeting after which nothing is the same anymore

The reason why the most people in the world are unhappy is because they never meet their karmic partners through life and never become complete. Despite all other fulfilling goals, such as having a successful career, their life until death is meaningless. Money is not important to the soul, but only love, and that is why nothing else can satisfy it. Such people either have a fair number of partners through life as they unwittingly search for the right person, or live alone.

When we meet our karmic partner then happens the so called bonding of souls. An indescribable sense of unification and peace. We are becoming complete. Sometimes it can happen that one partner dies after a while (or many years) but the one who remains to live, despite the loss, is not unhappy because he is still living in harmony. There are many such examples, and perhaps one of the most famous is Josipa Lisac and Karlo Metikos.

Finally, it should be emphasized that there is no method by which we can detect a karmic partner. Him or her our soul literally “feels” as the human mind feels the body. Among some esoteric circles, it is thought that persons with natal horoscope Moon in Pisces, because of their more pronounced sensibility and empathy, can most easily recognize a soul mate.

Other interesting points are that it is absolutely wrong to think that we have to be madly in love with karmic partners and have a fantastic sexual relationship. Remember that the soul does not know gender. That is why karmic partners can be our parents, children, spouses, friends, relatives or even someone you saw in a picture and who lives on another continent. Someone you can criticize, judge, love, even hate for a while, avoid, but you can never be indifferent, and whose happiness is as important to you as your own. Someone you’ve been attached to with your heart and thoughts all your life, or at least from the moment you met him. Agatha Christie expressed herself very well on the subject when she wrote a sentence in one of her novels:” It was one of those moments when you know that nothing will ever be the same again.”