What’s happening in the Gaza Strip isn’t a war, it’s a genocide

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 “What’s happening in the Gaza Strip isn’t a war, it’s a genocide,” Lula told reporters in Addis Ababa where he was attending an African Union summit on Sunday. 

So far, 30 thousand Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza genocide, of which 15 thousand are children. And all this happened before the eyes of “the civilized and democratic world”.


Definition of genocide

Genocide is the intentional destruction of a people in whole or in part. In 1948, the United Nations Genocide Convention defined genocide as any of five “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”.


The genocide in Gaza revealed several important pieces of information:
– The USA is an enemy of Muslims, as is Saudi Arabia, which gave its blessing to the genocide.
– The USA and EU allow genocide in Gaza
– Israel has finally crossed paths with its Holocaust past, and from being a victim of genocide, the Jews have become a nation that commits genocide.
– Anti-Semitism has become a myth.
Believe me, whoever mentions anti-Semitism is actually a Nazi and justifies the genocide in Gaza. And none of us should allow that.

Yesterday there was genocide in Bosnia, today it is in Gaza, and tomorrow???