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So far, 28 thousand Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza genocide, of which 15 thousand are children. And all this happened before the eyes of the civilized and democratic world. The genocide in Gaza revealed several important pieces of information:

– The USA is an enemy of Muslims, as is Saudi Arabia, which gave its blessing to the genocide.

– The USA and EU allow genocide in Gaza.

– Israel has finally crossed paths with its Holocaust past, and from being a victim of genocide, the Jews have become a nation that commits genocide.

– Anti-Semitism has become a myth.

Believe me, whoever mentions anti-Semitism is actually a Nazi and justifies the genocide in Gaza. And none of us should allow that. Yesterday there was genocide in Bosnia, today it is in Gaza, and tomorrow???


Austria known as the homeland of Adolf Hitler continues to play double games to protect Israel and support the genocide of the Palestinian people. Namely, a law was recently passed in Austria that prohibits the display of the Hammas symbol, i.e. everything that has to do with Palestine and its people, but that is why there are still street names in Vienna and Austria that bear the names of Nazi leaders. From this, it is clear that Austria has never and will never renounce its Nazi past and that it will always be on the side of other Nazis, especially the Jews known as the Nazis of the Middle East. According to Austria's interpretation, the genocide of the Palestinian people is permitted and justified. But it is absolutely not allowed to say anything against the Jews who are carrying out that genocide because it is obvious that the Austrian government and politics can no longer hide their hatred towards Muslims. This hatred is becoming more and more pronounced every year in the public discourse of this Nazi country. That is why any country in the world that leads a war and genocide against Muslims can expect support and help from Austria. Keep that in mind. All Arab countries should treat Austria exactly as Austria treats Muslims and publicly call it out for its Nazism and support of Israel for the genocide in Gaza.

The EU also constantly plays double games, blaming immigrants for not wanting to assimilate into European society, without asking what the reason is. Of course, immediate explanations are everywhere but in the right place. The only reason is that the EU financially and militarily helps Israel, which has been carrying out ethnic cleansing and genocide in Palestine for over 75 years. This is the primary reason why immigrants do not want to assimilate into a society that participates in their destruction. The EU would literally exploit immigrants for low-paid jobs and then send the money they make to Israel to continue killing people in the Middle East.

Double games and double standards must stop, especially because there are more and more Muslims in the EU every year and it is finally time for European society to stop being Nazi. EU and USA democracy is not real, but a fake democracy that is subordinated to only one group of people – and those people must be white, Christian, and come from rich EU countries. Or they must be Jews. Let's remember that famous humorous statement that we can hear from the Americans or the EU, I quote: “Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East”. I think the statement says it all, but I will explain: Israel, where apartheid has been ruling for decades, where ethnic cleansing has been carried out for 75 years and is currently a genocide, a country that attacks neighboring countries without any reason, appropriates other people's territories, such as the Golan Heights, etc., and then that country is a true example of democracy for the West?! We, normal people, see a completely different situation which is catastrophic, where Israel has been terrorizing and killing people for decades, day in and day out, claiming to be threatened??? Imagine, a bully claims that he has to destroy others because he is threatened, even though he has all possible American weapons and protection behind him.

No, Israel is not threatened, but the Jews are a people who enjoy stealing from others. They even steal organs from the bodies of murdered Palestinians. Jews like to kill, torture, and pretend that they are special and all-powerful and that no one can do anything to them. They enjoy the myths and legends they invented and consider themselves a super race. It's no wonder that Hitler saw them as competition for his fantasy of a super race. Today, we all know that there is no real difference between Hitler and Netanyahu, between Nazis and Jews. It's all the same waste, it's all the same criminals and monsters.




The greatest genocide of the 21st century continues ….