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With this precise and coordinated attack on Israel, Iran destroyed all myths about Jewish military supremacy and once again proved that without American help, as well as certain European countries, Israel literally could not exist. Also, Iran has shown everyone that they are a military power and that they can effectively respond to any military attack. By attacking Israel, Iran told all the Arabs that Israel could be destroyed and that everyone should finally come together and destroy this tumor of the Middle East.

When Iran, after 12 days of waiting in vain for the UN and the West to condemn Israel's illegal attack on the embassy in Syria, and when nothing was done, where we could not even hear statements of condemnation, followed by a very mild response from Iran, which militarily precisely and successfully destroyed assigned targets on Israeli soil. As always, the USA, France, and Britain came to the aid of this artificial creation, without which Israel would not have been able to exist since its inception. Although, after the Iranian attack, all Western media claimed that they had destroyed as much as 99 percent of the drones and missiles, however, as the days passed, information leaked out that 84 percent of them had been destroyed, and in fact the real number is probably around 50 percent.

After the phenomenal attack by Iran on Israel, the world was speechless before the military power of this country, which showed only a small part of its military arsenal and strength. Israel was publicly shamed, the decades-old myth about the military superiority of this artificial creation was destroyed, and Israel itself became a terrorist organization because it violated several international laws by attacking the Iranian consulate in Syria. If such an attack had been carried out by any Muslim country on someone's consulate, everyone would have witnessed how the “Western democratic countries” called that country a terrorist, imposed sanctions, and criticized it loudly. In the case of Israel, this did not happen. Furthermore, those countries never once declared that they condemned the genocide in Gaza, even though it had been going on for six months, but now, thirty years after the genocide in Srebrenica, they remembered to give greater importance to that terrible event through the international declaration on genocide. Although it is too little and too late, it is still a commendable action by the same hypocritical West that can, but will not, stop the Israeli genocide in Gaza. Are you wondering why? The answer is clear: genocide was carried out against Muslims then as it is now. Muslims are second or third-class citizens of the “democratic and liberal West”, the EU and the USA often prove this fact, so no one should doubt it.

Terrorists are all those who want to live freely

Even though the pro-Western media, on the orders of the USA, portrays Hezbollah as a Shiite Islamist movement under the administration of Iran, the real truth is that Hezbollah is a Lebanese defense movement. In the last elections, 70% of Christians voted for Hezbollah (and this is not a small number because Christians make up a third of the population) and most Christians are within Hezbollah, as well as members of other religions. Therefore, Hezbollah is the liberation movement and military force of all Lebanese. It is neither Islamist, nor pro-Iranian, nor in the ranks of ISIL, like the IDF. The main purpose of Hezbollah is the fight against the Zionists who are the aggressors and the protection of all citizens from the alleged evil. Namely, for years Israel held the occupied third of Lebanon, expelling the Lebanese from that area (which is legally considered ethnic cleansing) and only thanks to Hezbollah was the aggressor defeated.

Hammas is also portrayed in the Western media as an Islamist terrorist organization, which is again not true because Hammas is a defense group of the Palestinian people. They are fighting against the occupation and against the destruction of their people, which we have been watching for the last six months. It is a completely wrong statement that Israel must be destroyed by Hamas and then peace will prevail. Do you think that Palestinians, especially those whose lives were destroyed by the Jews, who killed their parents, children, and entire families, will live after this genocide without a desire for revenge?! No, they certainly won't! That is why Hamas and any other resistance group will never disappear or be destroyed because the Palestinian people have been exposed to killing, starvation, humiliation, imprisonment, and now genocide for too long. Israel has sown so much hatred with its evil that in the end, it will either be completely destroyed or it will have to agree to two independent states.

Another group that the Western media likes to call pro-Iranian is the Houthis, a Yemeni resistance movement that did not want Yemen to be annexed by Saudi Arabia but to exist as an independent state. And why should Yemen be part of Saudi Arabia and under its administration? Well, Saudi Arabia has no authority over itself, but is an American servant and must obey whatever Washington orders it to do. This is the crucial problem of most of the countries of the Persian Gulf, which do not understand that they are servant countries without any power and that it will remain so because it is known that one who is a servant can never be a master.