The biggest scandal in 2024: The representative of Israel, who is committing genocide in Gaza, is performing at the Eurovision Song Contest

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This year, the whole world could finally see how the Eurovision Song Contest, which many European countries are proud of, is actually the private property of Israel (the general sponsor is Marrocan Oil, an Israeli company that produces hair oil), and which, despite the genocide in Gaza, is without any moral and legal problems allowed to perform at the competition?! Let's recall that the same right was recently taken away from Russia due to military aggression against Ukraine. So, once again it has been shown that money is much more important for the EU than 35 thousand killed Palestinians (soon there will be 40 thousand). What can I say except- thank you EU?So much for your empty and false talk about democracy, human rights, and freedom. This should not surprise anyone because the EU is the capital of colonialism, Nazism, and hatred towards Muslims, which is deeply rooted in all its structures.

Fortunately, the international public increasingly understands and sees what the Jews are like, as well as the artificial creation of Israel, and that this bloodthirsty nation has been violating many international laws and rules for decades. We see that the time has come for Israel to be isolated and faced with the most severe sanctions. Otherwise, every other country in the world that carries out genocide can cite Israel as an excellent example, and legally refer to it, because it is quite logical to ask the International Court of Justice, the EU, and the USA: If Israel can violate laws and commit ethnic cleansing and genocide, why can't we do it too. Aren't we all the same before international law? Whatever criminal government takes this case as their justification, they are absolutely right. So, soon we can expect new wars and genocides in the world, all thanks to the USA, the UK and other Nazi countries. This is another benefit of the fictional democracy where the mentioned countries think they are better than others and that Israel belongs to their VIP society. Without a shadow of a doubt, these same countries told Israel: kill as long as you want, we will arm you and veto any attempt at public condemnation.

And indeed, all other nations can legitimately claim that they are discriminated against and deprived of their basic international rights. Israel should never, due to the multi-decade ethnic cleansing of Palestine, as well as the genocide in Gaza, be a participant in anything in the world because it is an artificial entity that disrupts the world order and violates many international laws. Anger towards Israel, towards the EU and the USA, is increasing in the world because finally, people of all countries understand that those who commit terrible crimes and genocide are not punished, and the victim is guilty of being a victim. Realistically speaking, Israel should never be a participant in the Eurovision Song Contest because it neither belongs to Europe nor should Europe be associated with that genocidal nation. It is the same when you say that North Korea is your ally and friend. There is no difference between Israel and North Korea, except that in this case, North Korea is still a better country with more normal people.

Israel should be isolated on the international stage as soon as possible, all sanctions should be imposed on it, and all those Jewish politicians and soldiers who participated in the genocide of the Palestinian people should be prosecuted before the International Court of Justice. Also, the USA should be clearly and loudly mentioned as the main sponsor of that same genocide, because it was American bombs that destroyed hospitals, settlements, and buildings and killed thousands and thousands of innocent civilians. Of course, we should not forget to mention that the UK, Germany, Austria, and France are also participants in this terrible genocide and label them as such: Nazi countries, colonizers, and perpetrators of genocide. All the mentioned countries in their bloody and brutal history probably killed more than a billion people together.

If Saudi Arabia establishes diplomatic relations with Israel, all Muslims of the world should give up going on pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina because you can be sure that even Prophet Muhammad would not lend a hand to that enemy who is killing his people. Saudi Arabia must stop being America's servant and be what it should be – the holy land of Muslims. A country where there are no American soldiers and no Jews who have been the greatest evil of this world since its inception. Wherever a Jew goes, evil reigns. They are monsters in human form, and to destroy the Jews is to defeat evil.No matter what anyone claims, accuses Hammas and other nonsense, we will not forget the fact that genocide was committed in Gaza and we will not stop until those responsible are faced with an appropriate punishment.

The genocide in Gaza is the biggest bloodstain in modern history and will neither be downplayed nor forgotten, just like the genocide in Bosnia or Ruanda. We should all constantly talk about genocide, read and research about all those mass killings, and horrific tortures, about innocent people who lost their homes, and their families, who remained disabled for life. In particular, we should write and talk about the thousands of children who don't have their mother, father, or both parents, who were left disfigured, and traumatized for their entire lives. No, we will not forget them, and we will never stop talking about them loud and clear, pointing the finger at Israel and the Jews who are an artificial creation and a genocidal people. Israel should and must be punished. You should label anyone who defends Jews and Israel as a child killer, a participant in genocide, and a subhuman. Genocide won the Eurovision Song Contest this year, once again they killed the people of Gaza. And all thanks to the sponsors of that crime, the EU and the USA.