Secrets of talismanic magic


Most of the Persian-Arab occult tradition is based on talismans and their colorful use for various areas of life. The talismans themselves differ in content, The talismans themselves differ in content, so we mostly meet those who are involved with the Islamic religion or quotations from the Qur’an, magic squares (wafk), in which some of the 99 names of God, and those other so-called talismans of spirits, are numerologically presented, and to me personally they are much more interesting. Their content is based on a graphical representation of one of the many jinn and the formula by which they are activated.

But, first of all, at the very beginning of this text, it is important to clarify one item, and it is primarily concerned with the relationship between religion and belief, that is, whether magic is a sin, something negative, and more importantly – to find out its power and strength.

In the sixth chapter of the Quran, the prayer of The Cattle, in verse 59, reads:

With Him are the keys of the Unseen, the treasures that none knoweth but He. He knoweth whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered), but is (inscribed) in a Record clear (to those who can read).

Nothing that any magician does will succeed unless it is God’s will. Therefore, do not doubt or fear that by performing magic or making talismans you are doing something wrong or contrary to the religion to which you belong. Keep in mind that everything that happens to and around us is directly influenced by God Himself.

What you really need to worry about is that as soon as you start dealing with talismanic magic you become an enemy of the spiritual world. In fact, this is how you are perceived by ghosts, as an intruder and an enemy trying to subjugate them to yourself, and it is quite realistic that because of this, they cannot consider a wizard as a friend.

At least not at first. Therefore, you must protect yourself by regularly repeating certain prayers as well as wearing amulets. Be aware that ghosts always see you but you do not see them.


Rules and tips for successful work

As you are slowly beginning to understand, making a talisman is not a simple process. Namely, this magic work consists of several stages. Preparing, or seeking permission for, occult work from spiritual forces is among the most important segments, without which nothing else has meaning or effect.

You can obtain a work permit in several ways, most often from your teacher, or by performing specific procedures and actions.

I am aware that most people who engage in talismanic magic do not have enough knowledge to benefit from it. The drawings and short texts that accompany almost every depiction of the talisman, with simple guidance, are the right bait for anyone who wants to realize some love, business or other desire.

Usually everyone is guided by the idea that if they correctly write the text of a talisman on a sheet of paper, at a certain astrological time, it will produce the desired effect. Well, that’s not going to happen. As usual, nothing is simple in life or magic. Everything takes effort, knowledge and time. However, what can definitely help you learn and gather the information you need are some of the following rules:

  • After the ritual of washing and bowing two prays (prays two ruku’), put a nice and pleasant scent on your body.
  • By repeating one of the exorcist oaths, you will banish the Jinns who live in your house – “spirit of the place”, Bosnian word for them is amiri. It should be emphasized that the Amirs are among the biggest culprits for the failure of a magic ritual, by deliberately eavesdropping on and corrupting the talisman’s texts and ritual actions. They do this to prevent Jinn from coming to their territory, which they consider to be rivals.
  • After the expulsion of Jinn in the house, the incense of a pleasant odor is lit and the oath addressed to the angel and demon king who rule the day is repeated seven times.
  • Your magic work should always start with confidence and belief that what you do will be successful.
  • Write talismans in solitude, without communication with anyone. Say only those words that are listed in the instruction.
  • At the beginning and end of each ritual, the prayer of Fatiha should be said. The authors of many occult books claim that it is this prayer that opens and closes the door of the invisible world.


Arabic or astral magic

The time taken to create a talisman is very important. I must immediately point out that people from the West should strictly adhere to the Arab rules for determining the days of the week, the months and the division of hours into day and night.

So the first day of the week in the Middle East is not Monday but Sunday, so in the astrological division the Sun rules over Sunday and number 1. The second day of the week is Monday – Luna / the moon – number 2, etc.

Furthermore, the astrological charts of planetary hours found in the books of magic in Europe are incorrect. Astrological hours are determined by sunrise and sunset. For example, the first hour on Monday that begins with sunrise belongs to the planet Moon.

The next hour is ruled by Saturn, followed by the planet Jupiter, etc., which determines the daily hours. On the same day (Monday), just after sunset, the first night clock begins, again under the rule of the moon.
On the same day (Monday), just after sunset, the first night clock begins, again under the rule of the moon.

Depending on the season, one astrological clock can last longer or shorter than 60 minutes. It is important to remember that the influence of a planet is most dominant on the day it belongs to, especially in the first hour.

Another rule that all those who wish to practice talismanic magic must adhere to is that all texts are written with saffron ink, rose water and musk and in Arabic letters. So the Arabic alphabet is literally a lunar alphabet as it consists of 28 letters.

Therefore, this language is the most ideal for any kind of magic and especially the creation of talismans. Anyone who is versed in occultism knows that the most dominant influence on magic is the moon, which is its ruler.

In addition, without any exaggeration, Arabic is one of the most beautiful and purest languages ​​in the world and according to some of the studies, it has a beneficial effect on the human brain itself, especially in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other diseases that affect this part of the body. We find another link between the Arabic language, the head and the world of spirits in the following interpretation.

According to ancient teaching, the human being is led by the so-called “third eye” or, according to Bosnian belief, the “star” through which one connects with the spiritual world. For this reason, it is believed that the spiritual entities themselves are the most loving and similar to the Arabic language used in their dimensions. By all that has been written so far, it becomes clear to you that Arabian magic is actually astral magic, whose most important settings are based on the motion and position of the sun, moon and the stars.

The talismans are divided into seven planets, the individual influence and meaning of each. Venus and Friday are designated for love talismans, while Jupiter and Thursday for talismans aimed at attracting money, wealth, business success, etc.

When one wants to take a magic action such as making a talisman, in order for it to be successful, special care must be taken to properly choose the time when it will be made.

The reason for this attitude is the desire to allow the wizard to accurately divide the quality of time to align his work exactly with the energy of a particular planet.

Namely, the respective forces of each planet are normally scattered along space, and therefore their action is usually not completely pure, nor is their significance precisely determined.

In order to achieve the latter, and to direct the power of the planet into the talisman, it is necessary, if possible, to interconnect as many interdependent actions as possible.

And thus temporarily create an atmosphere dominated by only one planet whose activity will not be hampered by the influence of any other planet. Each planet is assigned an angel and ruler of demons, astrological symbols, markings and invocations. Therefore, in creating a magical (astral) atmosphere, apart from the day and the hour, other important segments such as the special scent, the direction of the world, the props and so on are also taken into consideration.