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There is a small percentage of people in the world who would not like to be rich, hoping that they would be happier and thus able to fulfill their desires. It is this majority who forgets that happiness is first and foremost a feeling, and has nothing to do with material things. In essence, happiness is like love – a state of mind. Perhaps that’s why the biggest Balkan music star, Dino Merlin, says in his song that “a bag full of money does not bring happiness.”

Yet money is a necessary evil, a powerful force that drives the world and people. Without money, it is almost impossible to function; this is precisely the best reason why we should focus on the magic that money creates for us all.

Money, without a doubt, has a special energy, which is ubiquitous, and many times it interferes with our lives and shapes our destiny. Since ancient times, wise men have warned that man can be a master but also a servant of money. The first option is certainly better than the second one, but also much harder to realize. As we strive to break into the mystical secrets of money, we will have a better opportunity to gain money more easily and enjoy all the benefits it offers.


How to Attract Money

People often say that money is dirty, and that statement certainly has accuracy. Indeed, as banknotes constantly circulate from hand to hand, they are full of bacteria and impurities. And besides, money is the reason why people often lie, steal, abduct, kill or – lose their souls. That is why we can never be certain what kind of money do we have in our wallets and with what kind of energy. Therefore, since ancient times, it is recommended that you carry an amulet inside of your wallet, which protects you from money with negative energy.

Also, the money you make should be blessed to refine it and, to some extent, free it from negative impact. Every time money is made honestly, it should be placed between your palms and you should say a Fatiha prayer and at the end of the prayer say, ” Dear God, prolong my happiness”. Instead of Fatiha prayer, The Lords Prayer can be said. This ritual should become a routine that you often or constantly practice, since only in this way can it become productive or show its real power. Also, the money you make should never be spent immediately, but left to spend the night in your home after which you can use it.

Since money is the subject of the greatest human lust, it is therefore extremely susceptible to the evil eye. Just a glance at your wallet money by a person with an evil look, and your money may start to melt and disappear shortly. Therefore, it is wise to have two wallets – one to use when shopping and paying and the other to keep in the house among your belongings. However, make sure that there is always more money in that „ home wallet“ than there is in the one you carry with you on daily basis.

Many nations have their beliefs about protecting money, such as Romanians, whose traders only count their daily earnings in the evening, when the sun goes down, because only then are they sure no one will jinx it.


Attracting Positive Energy Money

In the Bosnian folk tradition, there is an interesting custom of purposeful purchase of something for some lucky person, to invoke well-being. But other than that, there is another way. It is a matter of scarcity. Although stingy people are considered characteristically difficult people, and very often unhappy, they are a great source of unused positive energy. When you are out of money or involved in a purchase or sale, it is enough to say in your mind that you do not want to buy it for yourself, but rather for that person, or that you will donate some of the money you receive to a stingy person (say his or her name), and very soon, it will get much better as far as the money field is concerned. Even better than that, and especially if you are starting a business, is to borrow some money from a stingy person, mix it with your own and get started with your business. Success is guaranteed.

It should also be noted that stingy individuals are “heavy-handed” people and it is not advisable to lend them any money. The reason is very simple, and it lies in energy vampirism: a stingy person literally feeds on the energy from money, and then when you get it back from them, it will be “ futile” money, without any blessing or prosperity. It should also be noted that there are individuals among the stingy or overly thrifty individuals, who genuinely do love money,