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The use of miniature dolls (simulacrums) that represent a power a person is not original invention of voodoo magic, although it is most often associated with it, their use is very old and dates to ancient Egypt. This type of spell casting is extremely dangerous if the doll is in the hands of an experienced wizard whose powers of concentration and visualization are strong. Everything that is done to the doll, like stabbing, is reflected on the astral level, in the physical and psychological state of the unfortunate man.

For someone to fall ill or be bewitched by a witch, during the night and in league with evil spirits, which the sorcerer/witch wins over to his side by frequently repeating the Our Father prayer upside down, he sews a rag doll and then mercilessly stabs itwith thorns in all directions and buries it. Such a figurine is traditionally made everywhere in Latin America from clothes or with the addition of hair of the person to whom one wants to cause evil. The time of its creation is always at midnight or around two in the morning. As soon as it is finished, it is necessary to take it near the house of your enemy, if possible, inside the property, and bury it in the ground. On the occasion, a doll is buried in a dug hole, „crucified“ with wooden or metal pegs, imitating a real burial.

During the last century, in many Maxican villages, there was a practice of using a black hen, which was a worthy substitute for the mentioned dolls, with which the same or even better results were achieved. The witch would perform the ritual on Fridays, at midnight, a woman dressed in a long black dress would light a candle, otherwise the only light in the room, on a round table placed in the middle of the room. A live black hen would lie on the surface of the table, dressed as a person to be destroyed by magic. The ritual would begin by uttering a long curse describing the state of suffering that the person should experience, and then they would stab the part of the chicken that corresponds to the victim’s body, which would cause immense pain to the person. If the part of the body where the genitals are located is pierced, the magical effect will bring impotence/frigidity to the person it represents.

Instead of chicken, an eggplant can be used, on which the characteristic physical features of the victim are engraved. In case it is a man, a mustache and beard can be cut or put on. The name of the victim is then given, and the eggplant is subjected to the same magical abuse as a doll or a chicken. In addition to the above, a live frog is often used for the same purpose.

The first symptoms that appear in people who have been charmed with a doll are inexplicable sadness, loss of appetite (weight), lethargy, but also constant tension in the body, and strange, inexplicable pains in the body. Another characteristic symptom is sudden attacks of high temperature, which suddenly appear and disappear just as quickly. This most often happens when the doll is buried in coal, causing fever in the victim’s body from there. If by some lucky chance, such a dol lis found and the needles (thorns) are pulled out o fit, the victim of magic will be relieved of pain. According to the claim of certain Chilean witches, evry time a needle is pulled out, the bewitched feels a minor reaction in his body like a slight tremor.

To make a fatal doll, soil taken from the shoe print of the person on whom you want to cast a death spell can also be used. The collected earth is mixed with a little water so that a miniature figurine of a human figure can be formed. As soon as it dries, the doll is dressed, preferably with clothes that were stolen from the victim, and from which a miniature suit is sewn, and then taken to the forest and left in a hole in a tree. For nine days, that is, every morning before sunrise, one goes to the forest to that tree and a needle is inserted into the doll, in the area of the heart. In the next few months, the person represented by the stabbed doll will experience a fatal accident or die suddenly.

To separate husband and wife, it is an old practice to make two cloth dolls, that is, male and female. They are always made on Tuesdays or Fridays, and a piece of paper with the name and surname of the victim is inserted inside each doll. On Friday night, the dolls are turned away from each other and sewn with a strong thread, previously dipped in the blood of a bull, with the obligatory muttering of a magic formula. After the sewing is finished, the joined dolls are buried in the path that the spouses often pass by. Within two or three weeks their marriage would be destroyed.


In black magic rituals, graves are often dug up in order to take bones of the dead, grind them into powder, and then secretly pour them into the food of those who were to be bewitched.