Talismans for neutralizing black magic

Kategorija: Amulets and talismans

When neutralizing a magical effect on a person, one must first determine the intensity of the magic, which then determines which talismans will be used in the release process.

The standard procedure is to make two talismans; the first is immersed in a bottle full of plain water and allowed to stand for 12 or 24 hours. Meanwhile, the contents of the talisman, which is written with saffron ink, believed to have strong power to destroy negative energy, dissolve and mix with water. The paper is then removed and the water is consumed for the next 7 days. You can also drink this water for 7, 9, 11, 13, 17 or 21 days. Before drinking, you must say “Ya Shafi, Ya Kafi“.

The second talisman has a protection function, and should be carried with you, in your wallet or pocket. So, despite the fact that a person gets rid of magic by drinking water, there is always the possibility of magic coming back, and attacking after a certain amount of time, or the sorcerer making a new spell and directing it to that individual.

If the black magic is repeated several times to a certain person, which makes its intensity much stronger, then in addition to the above, it is recommended to burn the talisman, together with several grains of incense, usually at sunset, to surround the person with that smoke.


Psychic problems resulting from the action of evil spirits

More and more people are contacting me with the problem of insomnia, depression, anxiety, fear and loss of will. The person also feels an inexplicable buzz in his head, and feels like ants are crawling on his arms and legs. In this case, antidepressants are most commonly used, which usually do not cure the problem but suppress it temporarily and cause intense dreams and confusion.

Although all of the above may be a side effect of taking hallucinogenic substances in some period of life, there are also cases where the main culprit is actually exposure to the effects of invisible beings, who aggress on the human body and psyche, and try to control the human. If such symptoms occur at the end of a decade at the age of 19, 29, 39, 49, etc, then it is a sure sign of spiritual action.

Treatment is performed over a period of 90 days; a person uses talismans whose purpose is to gradually restore the human body and energy to normal balance. It should also be noted that this method cannot help alcoholics, drug addicts and people who have killed another person.