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Salt has been used for centuries to clear negative energy because its crystalline properties act as energy magnets that attract negative force, releasing it from the human aura. Also, salt is a catalyzing element that restores life force. It symbolizes cleasing, removes the effects of evil eyes, and provides powerful protection. Salt or sodium chloride is necessary for the health of our body. However, apart from that irreplaceable role, salt also hides other interesting features. So, for example, is esoteric practice, salt is most often combined with water and fire, to exert the most effective influence on all that is energetically bad and that can happen to a person or his house throught these two mentioned elements. Of course, we are not talking here about ordinary table salt, but about what is called coarse salt. Its specialty is that, mixed with pure water, it cancels most magical works, i.e. sorcery.


When you want to remove bad energy from the home, you need to go through all the rooms in the house with a plate full of live coal, sprinkled with a handful of salt, and then throw its contents into the fire, saying: „Burn, bad energy, and let that good energy remains in this house as a sign of God’s will; go away bad energy, get out, go up through the chimney and let happiness come to me“.



For people who feel that they are under a direct attack of negative energy, i.e. their body is constantly tired despite not exposing it to any physical effort, they are accompanied by frequent discomfort, they yawn without the desire to sleep and they are in a state of excessive nervousness. Furtermore, they suffer from a lack of enthusiasm, are followed by all kinds of misfortunes, or see other people running away from them for no real reason. All of the above is a clear sign of the presence of bad energy in them. To get rid of it, you need to get mother-of-pearl grass (Ruta graveolens), basil, rosemary, and coarse salt. The aforementioned herbs are harvested in the last days of the first lunar quarter, at dawn, before sunrise. Harvested plants should not be cooked, but should be macerated with a little water, that is, the plants should be soaked in water and the squeezed. Usually, a small amount of water is obtained, to which two or three liters of new water are added, and a handful of coarse salt is poured in and allowed to dissolve in it. The first thing that needs to be done is showering. When the body is washed from physical impurities and with soap, then the filtered water (which contains herbs and salt) is poured over the body, starting from the neck down, so that the water flows straight into the drain. It is preferable to carry out this cleaning at 06.00. 12.00, 18.00, or 24.00 hours.



On the night of the full moon, wash your head with warm water in which you have previously put three tablespoon of coarse salt. Let the water that falls from your head drain into the bucket. After that, go to the garden and pour that water on the grass saying: „Let the misfortune go out, let the misfortune go out. From now on, only happiness wull rule in my life“.


To end the stage of senseless fatique and listlessness, take a container half full of water and put three tablespoons of coarse salt in it. Let the water boil. After it boils, put three pieces of charcoal in it, along with water and salt, and let it cool. When this happens, lift the bowl and pour the water from it over your head, behind your back, saying: „As I throw this water away, I want to throw away all my weariness and discomfort.“ It is best to do this somewhere outside or while standing in the bathtub.



Place the following ingredients in a cloth bag garlic peel, red onion peel, rosemary leaves, bay leaves, sage, and coarse salt. You can place this amulet above the front door of your home or in any other environment where you feel negative energy.