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Divination with grains of beans, peas, corn or pebbles is the original mantic art of the Islamic world, as we find it all the way from Bosnia, Turkey, and Kazakhstan to Iran. Thanks to the gypsies who spread it from the mentioned countries to other Christian countries, this method of divination exists in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the terrorist state of Russia. In addition, it should be emphasized that the Bosnian way of divination is the best because it provides the largest amount of information and very rich analysis of events.

In Bosnia, this method has several names: „falanje u grah“, „ogledanje u grah“ or “bacanje graha” (throwing beans), “otvaranje falova”, etc… It is practiced by both sexes, men and women, as well as young and old, and they all have a common name: falajiya or faletarka.

Although white beans are consulted for various life issues and wishes, love is the main one among them all. Finding out if a loved one is faithful, if he loves you, if he thinks about you, if a meeting or reconciliation will happen soon are some of the burning questions to which the answer is expected from white beans.

Since most people in love are interested in whether they will marry their loved one, this time I will describe some examples of how this can be reliably determined. So that men are not discriminated against, which is often the case when it comes to divination or magic, in this short text I will describe some details of divination that relate to a male questioner or client.

Let’s suppose that a young man is madly in love and now wants to know if he will marry his beloved girl?

Spread a red cloth on the table and place a group of 41 beans on it, then use your right hand to stir it three times in a clockwise circle. After that, the group is separated by hand into three smaller piles and 4 grains are taken from each. The procedure is known to all those who are interested in favomancy, so it is not necessary to describe it in detail.

After subtracting and arranging the grains in three rows, there can literally be dozens of combinations of numbers, but for this text I chose the following combination, which is not common but therefore is very lucky.

Basically what you see in the first picture is a pretty bad prediction. Namely, every time the beans form eight groups of 4 beans each, it is considered negative as it heralds extremely unfavorable events.

However, when it comes to love divination, this arrangement of numbers is generally considered extremely favorable. Especially if the questioner (client) is a male person. In that case, his desire to achieve a relationship or marriage is literally within reach. This is what these two possible so-called grain withdrawals show us.

As you can see, in the first picture in the first row, the number 423 is shown from right to left. Since the client is a man (right side), then from the number four (4), a seed can be removed, that is, added to the two seeds in the middle of the row in order to got the number 333 or Fatima’s fal. Thus, out of 8 fours, we got 7 plus the specified number (333), and all of this together predicts success in love or the fulfillment of the desire for marriage.

What is important to emphasize is that the grain can be withdrawn exclusively in the third, last distribution of beans and only if the numbers allow it.

The following example (picture) shows another possibility for “pulling the grain” when we use the number 431, in the third row, given that the number 1 is on the right, i.e. the man’s side. Then, instead of 8 fours, we get a lucky combination of 9 fours that predicts marriage, great happiness or the fulfillment of a wish.

The presented examples hint that the young man’s wish will soon be fulfilled, and that the love relationship will be realized in marriage. It is enough for him to express his intention to the girl he loves and wants as his wife.