Connecting ghosts with a talisman

Kategorija: Amulets and talismans

Before the magical work, it is necessary to undertake the Islamic ritual washing (Wuḍūʾ), in a blasphemous way, namely, it is performed using cow’s milk to which sperm has been added.

The wizard then goes to the toilet and carries bread with him, on which he sits and writes talismans. Of course, the work does not begin until the toilet is filled with incense smoke, which creates a special atmosphere, more precisely a sphere in which jinns can materialize in a certain way or at least feed and thus satisfy. In this way, he manages to get the jinn to obey him and complete the task. In addition to incense, it is desirable to light cloth with the remains of sperm and vaginal secretions after coitus. What the wizard must pay attention to is that on the cloth is not the rest of his wife’s secret, but it must always be some other woman.The bread he was sitting on after finishing work needs to be given to the black dog to eat.

Also, before writing a talisman, one should summon the jinn king who rules on that day, so that the wizard can rely on his authority and help. This is an example, it should be said:

“Come, King Ahmar, respond and be of help to me. Order your servants to respond and obey my commands. God bless you.”