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Spell for the arrival of a partner

A girl places some dirt in the lock which she took from the footstep of her boyfriend and at night, next to a hearth she locks and unlocks the lock nine times and each time she repeats this formula:

I turn the key in the lock for my benefit and for the harm of NN,
for the others he is locked, for me, unlocked.
He should die, go mad until he comes to me to see me!
With my words and god’s will!

She then locks the lock and places it into the hearth, close to the fire, in order for it to gradually get warmer. The girl repeats the following formula nine times throwing each time some salt and sugar into the fire. As soon as she blows into the fire, she utters:

Huuu, fire by god a sister!
I feed you with salt and sugar
and you should in my honour
bring the best and fastest iron horse from the dark Hawaii.
Chase him with 99 whips, wroth him with 99 flames,
send him to my NN to throw him on his back,
right into the saddle, and bring him before me!
Let his heart crack like this salt,
let his body sweat like this sugar until he sees me!
If you serve me fire, by god a sister,
I will give you honey for supper!

After this ritual the girl lets the fire burn out and let it extinguish by itself. This ritual is considered to be dangerous since it is believed that if the girl keeps the fire going for too long and keeps the temperature high the lock might explode. Allegedly, if that would happen, the heart of the boy would burst as well and he would die.

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