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Grandfather is the seventh sign in the Bosnian horoscope which rules over the period from 15th April until 15th May. He represents the male principle. He got his name according to the seven-day period, which according to the folk calendar lasts from 21st until 28th March and symbolizes the period of first labor in the garden. Grandfather in the middle ages in BiH was a title of the priest of Bosnian Christians, his wife was called Grandmother, and as a marital couple, they represented spiritual leaders. But, both of these names are much older since they personify two ancient (Illyrian) deities – moon and sun.



Since Grandfather is primarily a male sign this is reflected in some characteristics of the woman born during this period, which doesn’t have to be butch, to the contrary, this gives her an internal strength, temperament, protective drive, and enthusiasm. But also a need to be distinguished. Female Grandfather is often proud and stubborn, prone to auto-destruction because of her principles and attitude. But, regardless, she sacrifices herself, she is a loyal and devoted partner to which jealousy and possessiveness are not unknown. Her emotions are pronounced and despite her serious exterior or stance, behind that mask is often a gentle and vulnerable being. When she is in love she becomes childish and it is not easy to handle her, but, all of this together is a cure and stimulating for the partner. She loves to be dominant in a relationship, mostly due to her insecurity, although she can compromise. At work, she is engaged, dedicated. Opinions of her colleagues are important to her since she orients herself according to this and strengthens her self-confidence. She is agreeable. Often she isn’t good with money, being economical isn’t her best side, since to a female Grandfather, material things are for hedonism or for building an image of a successful person.



A person born under this sign is responsible, prone to taking care of his family and putting his needs and desires to the side for the benefit of others. Sooner or later this causes frustration and revolt and he is often prone to frequent changes of mood and decisions. He is serene, emotional, unsure of himself, modest. He possesses charisma but often it is left underutilized. Often there is a battle inside of him between the desire for the traditional and modern, which can slow him down in life. He is attracted to feminine and modest partners, though he often comes across opposite profiles out of which later are born complicated and inadequate relationships. Though not a champion of fidelity, a male Grandfather can cheat on his partner only sexually, never emotionally, since love for him is much more than the bedroom and kitchen. If he is doing what he loves, then the male Grandfather without a doubt achieves great results. Through work, he becomes optimistic since he loves creating and it’s not a problem for him to stay longer than required in the workplace. If he doesn’t love what he is doing then he quickly reaches saturation and unhappiness which creates an unstoppable desire for change. However, he is scared of poverty and he takes careful steps towards something new. He loves every work which allows him to be creative since this is the sign of a creator.