Angels guard the one who wears the amulet

Kategorija: Amulets and talismans

There is probably no person who does not know what a talisman or amulet (zapis or hamajlija on Bosnian language), is. It is a short or long text filled with certain prayers, signs, and squares, the purpose of which is to protect its wearer from magical attacks. Some amulets are made to protect people and amulets to protect to home called home talismans (kućna zaštita or kućna hamajlija). In addition to them, amulets are often made to protect and guard the business premises from malicious competition and envious people.

According to the principles of spiritual science, the main amulets or hamajlije can be written on certain days and hours. Therefore, all this work can last a relatively long period, sometimes even a month or two, i fit is a large amulet. The restrictions for writing the so-called average amulet are significantly less but yet important. All talismans, as well as writings (zapisi), must bed one in a certain lunar phase: writings are done from the new Moon to the full Moon, and amulets the phase when the Moon is waning, usually the last nine days. The purpose of each amulet is to curb black or love magic, and evil eyes, prevent a person from encountering evil forces, and represent a kind of „protective fence“ for the owner. It can be owned and worm by both sexes.

Amulets made on Friday evening, that is, Thursday night and Friday morning, until sunrise, are considered very-powerful. The classic writing of their text takes place in the middle of the night, between midnight and 01:00, no later than two in the morning, because after that dawn follows and it is too late to work. Amulets are also written during the day. An alternative time to write amulets is Tuesday when the Sun approaches its ascendant.

Just as devils (Jinns) are inseparable from magic and sorcery, so angels (Meleks) are inseparable from amulets themselves. Namely, is every high-quality and effective amulet, one or more names of angels are written. As exalted and pure beings, angels do not want to guard an impure person, especially one who does not wash after defecation, or sexual intercourse, or a woman who does not keep herself tidy during her menstrual cycle.

Therefore, each amulet, i.e. its text, must be protected from contact with water, sweat, and impurity, by being covered with duct tape or imported into a bag made of animal skin. Otherwise, the first trip to the toilet with an unprotected amulet causes its desecration and takes away its prophylactic power. Some esotericisms recommend wrapping the amulet with the thread with which its owner was previously measured from the top of the head to the toes. This measure is torn off from the rest of the thread and it is carefully wrapped around the amulet folded into the shape of a small square or triangle. And the end, a knot is tied. After that, the amulet must never be opened again. Like everything else around us, the contents of the amulet fade after some time, and individual letters or symbols lose their color or disappear, so the amulet weakens or completely loses its protective power. That is why it is recommended to replace the old amulet eith a new one every nine years.