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Snake is a sign with whom circle of fate begins. According to believes of Bosnian Illyrians, this animal was one of the most important deities and protectors of the family. Its reign lasts from 15 October to 15 November. The mythological protector of this sign is the goddess – Snake Boe.

People born in the Snake symbol are more traditional, they are faithful to their home and family. They do not like changes, sometimes because of laziness, and sometimes because they are not inclined to assume all responsibility for themselves. Only people who are more dominant than them, but also friendly, can stimulate them to action. Otherwise, they feel insecure and become stubborn.

The Snake-people in their surroundings often leave a wrong impression, although they are not complicated people. The explanation for such behavior is in the symbolism of a horoscope – the serpent personifies exoticism, mysticism, magic, even eccentricity.

Because of these characteristics of the person born during the period when it rules the circle of fate,  they tend to imagine, or study mysterious phenomena. It has hidden power in itself, which is often not properly channeled and has no practical value. Accumulated and unused it becomes a source of general dissatisfaction and leads to a tendency towards frustration.

When it comes to emotions, people who belongs to this  sign goes from extreme to extreme: either too open with showing their feelings or too close. In both cases, Snake often experiences are disappointment and then they retreats.

We can compare this with the escaping snake to the hole in the ground. A huge number of persons which belongs to this sign spend a part of their lives, or even the whole life with the wrong partner. If they successed to find the right partner, who must be gentle and full of understanding, but at the same time passionate and fighting, then a perfect relationship is reached. Snakes love sex and know how to enjoy it, maybe most than all other signs. If you want to experience the true passion in bed always choose a person from this sign for a partner.

A Snake-woman you can recognize by the way you can understand and see that she likes to act like a victim, because in this way she gets attention. She is always inconspicuous in communication, she never says exactly what she thinks, and she is also inclined to have a “poisoned tongue”, just like a real snake. The woman of this sign with her personal number 9 is very jealous, whether if she’s married, or if is someone else’s success. It expresses negligence as well as indecency.

A Snake-man with a personal number 3 is well-disposed with money, but even tight-fisted . He also has a problem with expressing emotions, he is stubborn and considers himself unmistakable. On the other hand, a man with a personal number 6 has a similar problem, because, like every Snake, he is unsure and inclined to withdraw, but he is not skeptical. He likes to help, especially to family and friends. However, his sense of humor is often not best accepted by others.

A snake as a person often knows how to be utterly distrustful or even naive. In both cases, you risk for her to be disappointed in you, ofcourse  if you want a friend or partner to show you enough patience and seriousness to gain her trust. Snake likes challenges and therefore attracts various quizzes, filling in crosswords, reading news, unusual phenomena, etc. Also, her ideal job is where she can shows her creativity, which must not be subjected to pressure in any way. Snake corresponds to the work of gardens, astronomers, veterinarians, accountants, workers at a zoological center, etc.

Although they are not a sign that can boast at speed, they are persistent and persistent in business. They love money, but as we have already emphasized, they avoid authoritarianism, and they always try to achieve their own business through life, whether they are establishing a company or dealing with a hobby that will bring them money.

Since the autumn is a period of prosperity, when on the table we have almost all the fruits of nature, Snakes are real gourmets because they, above all, enjoy eating and drinking. They have a caloric, salted and fatty food. Because of this they have health problems and are prone to fatigue. In addition, they are followed by problems with circulation, spine, kidneys. If they are born during the young moon, they remain in the middle ages of youthful appearance.

Amulets for the Snakes

Find in nature the skin that the snake has thrown away and place it in your home to the top of a wardrobe and hide it there. Break and take the piece and carry it around, preferably in a wallet. In this way, people of this sign are protected against negative energy.

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