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Linden is the ninth sign in the Bosnian horoscope which lasts from June 15. to July 15. In the folklore tradition Linden is the holy tree where the bosnian Bogumili performed their religious rituals. After the Middle Ages the Linden did not lose its holy significance and was planted next to many mosques, which conitnued the religious practices for which the ethnologists and antrologists consider to have originated from the Illyrians to whom this tree represented the personification of the Illyrian god of Thunder Perendi, who is also the guardian of this sign.

While the previous sign Pigeon, was the ruler of the irritable and married people in the sign of Linden this “unstable“ character has been gradually vanishing and forming into a calmer and much more steadier mass of emotion and thought. But, as the reign of one sign does not stop at an exact day and hour of some month, it literally translates into the following one, so do the members of the Linden sign have the tendancy to resent others. They especially like to give negative feedback for meals and drinks at restaurants and cafes. In this way they express their own personal frustrations.

Lindens with a pronounced solar effect are very social, communicative and eloquent. They are flexible and adapt to new surrounds or people in a very short time. Event though they love company, partying and traveling, for which they are exposed to the public, members of this sign are very hard to fully understand.  Despite all their virtues they posses many shortcomings. Namely, just like the tree has its own bark and leaves, the members of this sign have two layers to their personality. The outer layer, which is presented to others, is progressive, dinamic and bold. While behind this layeri a complete opposite hides.

If the person has stronger character (under the influence of the Sun) then the progressive Linden dominates within then but if the character is weaker (under the influence of the Moon) then it has pronounced shortcomings such as stubbornness, insecurity and fear of disappointment. However, until someone gets to know them thoroughly, both the first and the second type of Linden have a sense of freedom and possibilities for manipulation.

Particular emotionality, but also susceptibility to anxiety and even depression, express Lindens with the personal number 5. They are charactarized by somewhat strange states of psyche which they can be found in, sudden and slightly fatal falling in love and loyalty to their partner. Unlike this number, for example, a man-linden with a personal number 4 is prone to infidelity.
The characteristic trait of people who are born in the sign of a tree (Linden, Cherry) is their slowness, they do not like rushes or pressure. When they are forced onto something they get very sensitive and in these circumstances they are prone to rage or emotional meltdown. In any case they react violently. Despite the extravagance, most members of this sign feel the best when the atmosphere is completely calm and relaxed and often in the comfort of their own four walls. They posses a certain degree of narcissism.

People born in this sign want others to adjust to them. They can be very sly manipulators who will offer generosity, which is never sincere and from the heart, but it paves the way for personal gain and imposition. You will easily find proof of this in the rage that simply erupts from them every time you don’t fulfill their expectations. But as soon as they calm down, Lindens continue as usual. Men of this sign usually have a need to present themselves to others in a macho way only to cover up their indecision. This is particularily well reflected in a man with a personal number 6 who is indecisive and fickle. They are emotional and therefore easily hurt, when they are wounded that feeling stays for a long time. In addition, they often have problematic marriage or relationship.

Male Linden with a personal number 1 is a desirable partner for many women because he expresses tenderness and care for the person they are committed to. He will always try to please and leave a good impression. Partners in the sign of the Frog are especially suited for him. If he is in a marriage with an inadequate person he will not insist on breaking it off, primarily because of his family. But he will not be a faithful partner either.

Female Linden is gentle, feminine, somewhat demanding and has a tendancy to live a leisurely life, often above her realistic possibilities. Because of this she often has financial issues. This is especially emphasized if her personal number is 6. On the other hand, a man of the same sign and personal number is naturally charming, adaptive and an intelectual. Emotions and stress are experienced through food which makes him prone to fat gain.

Female Linden with a personal number 8 is very possessive and a suspicious partner. She likes to control people close to her and is inclined to dramatize. She can be extremly stubborn.

It is charactarestic for people in this sign to be independant in their youth so because of this when it comes to work they are very responsible and ready to help their colleagues. Whether as a worker or a boss a Linden will often act directly, mostly because they are aware that they have the trust of their colleagues. They aren’t very economical concerning money. They are prone to risk. Among them there are many hypochondriacs and those who always complaing that something is hurting them. This is yet another way to gain sympathy. A large part of the members of this sign are prone to some bad habbits, most often is smoking cigarettes. Although the are generally of good health, their weak spot is their back. They are susceptible to viruses, common colds and liver diseases.

Amulet for the Linden

A piece of wood tus (Taxus baccata), wrapped seven times with a paper and duct taped together. The amulet is for all members of this sign. Its primary function is to protect the members from evil and black magic.

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