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The dragon is the twelfth sign in the Bosnian horoscope, ruling from September 15 to October 15. In the Illyrian people the dragon was considered divine, and in Bosnian mythology it is described as a large serpent with wings that can have sexual intercourse with women, and thus a dragon cub known as the snijet is born. The serpent and the dragon represent the two basic principles of the Universe – good and evil, life and death, creation and destruction; and that is why they occupy the first and last place in the circle of destiny. The mythological protector of this sign is the Illyrian god of evil, the Black Sky Dragon.

The position of the last sign in the Bosnian horoscope is not accidental, because in the mythology the serpent or dragon, creates a vegetation cycle of fertility by exiting the earth through water, then flying through the air and again entering the earth through some hole in another location.

As this sign reigns, the circle of destiny slows down, to complete its cycle and return to the beginning. People born during the reign of the Dragon are known for doing everything slowly and without haste. Because of this, they accumulate a lot of energy which, if directed in the right direction, can lead to major changes. What embellishes this sign is their sincerity, which can sometimes be misinterpreted.

The dragon is a passionate lover who often has no control over his emotions. He is prone to falling in love suddenly and is therefore a pure victim of love disappointments. Men of this sign literally want to tame their partner, subordinate her to themselves, but their relationship at a late stage or marriage is not dominant but harmonious.

In fact, they are partners who want a harmonious and equal relationship, and if they succeed, they become very loyal. The women of this sign are eminently emotional and therefore ready to yield and accept numerous concessions.
When it comes to love feelings, they can go to extremes. It is very rare for them to have a healthy emotional attitude. Often, they consciously exploit their partners.

In business, the Dragon is persistent and motivated. When he starts a new job, he does not do his best at first but needs some time to show his potential. He is a creature of creation, possesses the artistic urge, and therefore the people of this sign can achieve great success in the business of design, new innovations and research.

The Dragon Woman

The dragon woman is cunning, always hiding something about herself, pretending that no one is good enough for her, and often knows how to complain, and especially if it’s not in the spotlight. However, she is also affectionate, ready to seduce her partner with kind words and gestures. She is in no hurry and has patience. She’s pretty lazy. She is therefore a dangerous player, and should not be underestimated. So, Dragons are known as women who in their subtle ways can be intrusive. What is characteristic for most; they always look at their interest and benefit. Because of this insight, successful men are irresistibly attractive to them.

All women of this character are fiery, enjoy sex and are eminently possessive.
The Dragon woman with personal number 1 is a bit childish and lacks in tact with her partner. The situation is quite different with those whose personal numbers are 2 and 3. They are subtle, cunning, manipulative and self-serving.
Dragon woman with personal number 3 is a great lover, but also arrogant, lying and materialist. Somewhat different behavior is of a woman with a personal number 6 whose nature goes to the extreme, that is, she is either spoiled and of a severe character or lacks confidence and is inclined to put herself in a situation of being exploited by others.

If the female Dragon has a personal number 9, then you have an eternal actress – a person prone to pretending and acting. She will offend you on purpose, and if you reciprocate her, she will act as a victim. Typical passive-aggressive behavior.


The man-dragon is slow, which is why it is a symbol of inner strength, positioned at the very end of the bright part of the year, and therefore shows the slowing of the circle of destiny. It is precisely the loss of that momentum of energy and its gradual accumulation that makes it special from many aspects. One is that Dragon is a gourmet, extremely picky. He does not like to eat leftover food left over from lunch or, worse, something from yesterday. He enjoys flavors, loves meat, sweets but also salty foods. He is prone to being casual, adapting to a state from which it is difficult to move. A kind of lethargy.

He often tends to be self-deceiving, characterized by a certain naivety, but he can also be nervous. He is the type of man who is usually reserved or at some sort of distance.

He is also lenient, and if he finds a partner who has open and provocative behavior, he will easily become her target. Although he may be somewhat restrained in a loving relationship and does not do his best in expressing feelings, this cannot be claimed for him when it comes to sex. He loves to make love, he is passionate, even though classic sex does not completely satisfy him.
He strives for experimentation and even perversion. This is especially true for the Dragon men whose personal number is 3. The male Dragon usually manages money, is often frugal, and in some situations very stingy.

For example, the one with the personal number 6 is generous as opposed to the one with the personal number 3. Dragon men with personal number 8 is very stubborn and difficult to agree with or have a harmonious relationship with. People with this sign are very often in good health, although like all other people, they are susceptible to certain diseases. The sensitive points on the body are the mouth, muscles, veins. They have poor circulation.

Amulet for the Dragon

Nine grains of wheat, along with a piece of lead and a leaf of Ruta graveolens, are sewn into a red bag and carried along. This amulet is used by members of this sign to defend themselves against black magic and evil.