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Arabic astrology is one of the most prestigious in the world, although it is relatively unknown in the West. Its specificity consists of the fact that the astrological circle has only nine signs called the white weapons. This points to the innate human attitude with which we approach life, which is perceived as a battle.


Saber: November 24 – January 3

Stick: January 4 – February 10

Arrow: February 11 – March 19

Knife: March 20 – May 1

Dagger: May 2 – June 15

Spear: June 16 – July 22

Slingshot: July 23 – September 4

Sword: September 5 – October 14

Bludgeon: October 15 – November 23



SABER (November 24 – January 3)

Eternal Teenager

Personality: lightness, liveliness, physical and mental youth, dynamism, activity. A person of this sign is a pleasant person with a lively spirit and immense curiosity, they are unrestrained like mercury. Precisely because of these characteristics, they may seem a little immature to others and often gives the impression that they are playing the role of a fetishist who likes to attract attention, be listened to, watched, sought after. Of course, there is some truth in that as well, because the person of this sign is always overwhelmed with regret that they did not complete their planned wishes and obligations.

Life challenge: stop being superficial, gain the ability to get to the heart of things. Don’t give in to the temptation to run away every time you run into the first difficulty. Do not give in to discouragement and do not give up on the goals you have set. Success will surely come with the help of others provided you no longer consider them just an audience to be won over.

Secret dream: to meet a person who will forever be fascinated by their teenage lifestyle, with occasional departures and who will be insanely jealous of Saber’s army of fans. Because, after all, a romantic prefers to dream than to live their dream.


STICK (January 4 – February 10)

Pure energy

Personality: Because of their appearance, which can seem rude, people have an extremely wrong perception of this person. In fact, in reality they are warm, generous and full of love. The only sin that persons of this sign have is that they do not know what diplomacy is and therefore always says what they think, regardless of whether it will hurt somebody. The Stick is a sign of a true naturist who wants to be understood, even though the liveliness of their spirit and great inner freedom sometimes harm them. Energetic and brave, they happen to have a lack of empathy for those who are physically or emotionally weaker.

Life challenge: Stop believing they know and understand everything, even about others. Develop a sense of intuition, learn to listen to others, accept them and let them live the way they want, even if they don’t understand what they want. With this state, they will find their inner peace, which will result in the establishment of a healthy distance between themselves and others so they will be able to benefit from their human wealth around them.

Secret dream: they have a typically youthful, naive dreams – for their partner to go crazy for them, to leave everything behind and go on an unforgettable adventure together. Of course, the lifelong one, which never stops. In order for that to happen, of course, Stick needs to know how to recognize the ideal candidate for that, which is by no means easy or simple for them.


ARROWS (February 11 – March 19)

From boldness to fragility

Personality: Naive, full of energy, very often lack self-confidence, often have a low opinion of themselves, so they assume that others perceive them as rude and uninteresting. Usually they exaggerate this assumption and get into their own heads. They possess charm which makes them not easy to forget. Most of the mistakes they make are the result of their internal insecurity. For example, out of fear that others will treat them indifferently or out of fear of attack, they are the one who take the initiative: they stretch out their bow, aim, shoot an arrow and immediately begin to regret aiming in that direction. However, their regret is sincere so they will immediately apologize to the ones they hurt, because although cheeky, they have a timid attitude and nature. Over time, they will learn to assess the situation wiser and will be able to recognize the right moments when they will need a “bow” and “arrow”.

Life challenge: to gain self-confidence, to use the immeasurable potential, brilliance and energy with which they literally burst. To surround themselves with people similar to them and to love them just the way they are, without any acting or pretense. Not trying to be someone else or something that is not them by nature.

Secret dream: stop being paranoid and have enough self-confidence. To be successful, recognized for their qualities and virtues, and to receive the attention they deserve. Not to have any doubts. To be successful, to be recognized for their talent, to be admired. All this a member of this sign can achieve provided they are surrounded by people who believe in them and vice versa. Because trust and friendship are very important to persons of this sign.


KNIFE (March 20 – May 1)

Life force

Personality: the specificity of this sign is that it hides a person who never gives up and does not give in to disappointments. Whatever happens, they will always find the energy to raise their head, keep working, improve their projects to be successful, and get involved in drastic plans. They also have some shortcomings, for example their temperamental nature makes them prone to outbursts of anger, which is especially dramatic because of their choice of words which are not at all censored or thoughtful. When it comes to this, they will literally say whatever comes first to their mind even if they didn’t mean it. But despite this, the person of this sign still remains innately charming, so no one can be angry with them for a long time.

Life challenge: this adventurer needs challenges, conquests, for them love must fall from the clear sky, after which they are ready, in just five minutes, to change their life. What they lack and need is patience, lucidity, and not to be driven by current impulses, and not to make decisions under the influence of current emotions.

Secret dream: to find a brilliant partner, a little crazy, who will turn their whole life upside down and illuminate it with the love as bright as sun.


DAGGER (May 2 – June 15)


Personality: members of this sign act like real merry-makers, with joy and mood. Because of their accessibility, they quickly climb the social ladder and find the right fulfillment in the profession. But at the same time, they feel the need to have their own home and children, so they are not a fan of temporary relationships. They enjoy long walks in nature, evenings in front of the fireplace, music and art in general. They often accuse themselves of “carrying too much on their back.” They also believe that this is exactly why others love them: because they can rely on them and shift their own burden. Although they often have no personal benefit from any of that.

Life challenge: learning to be transcendent and sensitive, both privately and professionally. They must not allow themselves to suffer for their generosity and kindness. Likewise, it must be kept away from people who exploit it. Learn to impose restrictions on yourself without fear of losing affection or respect for others. Don’t be afraid of risk and get out of the routine.

Secret dream: to go on a trip around the world, to discover other cultures and lifestyles, to express your generous side through a job or a personal project that will change their life.


SPEAR (June 16 – July 22)

A restless soul

Personality: hurry up and go everywhere! The spear is constantly moving, living the moment and thinking only of the future. In a word, they are an unstoppable machine, and that is why they are happy to get involved in many projects. The Spear has many talents, but also a wealth of emotions, whether they are aimed at loved ones, especially children, or the whole world. They are very intuitive, excellent listeners and show their true nature only when they have full confidence.

Life challenge: this adventurer who wants to discover the world needs conquests, projects, the harder, the better. They will fight for their ideas to the last breath, they will be fully involved in the battles they lead, whether they are humanitarian or political. They have the courage to take their own opinion and is truly a person with a lion’s heart. If they know how to channel their energy and thirst for action, then their desire to change the world is not just a mere fantasy.

Secret dream: their big dream is a utopia – to build a fairer and better world. They firmly believe that this plan is achievable and will work all their life to fulfill it at some point, even to the detriment of their own personal life and material comfort.


SLINGSHOT (July 23 – September 4)


Personality: independent at all costs, they are a person who resolutely protests against everything that threatens their freedom. It is very difficult for them to respect certain boundaries, whether they are material, intellectual, moral or spiritual. They believe that progress can only be achieved if we forget the past and reform everything. They often apply this principle to their personal life, so it often happens that they permanently break off contact with friends, professions, or their lovers, all in order to be able to start over! And what is interesting – every time they enter a new phase of life with the same zeal and sincerity.

Life challenge: greater stability, longer-term motivation, involvement in projects for which they have patience. In short, to master patience and willingness to keep the focus long enough, taking into account past experiences. Another life challenge is learning to ignore the urge to immediately end all relationships with people who at some point stop liking them or get bored.

Secret dream: to make a loved one go crazy for him or her. And in all that love madness the partner should be aware of what they are feeling. Because of this great confusion, a member of this sign can often be tired and repulsive. All of this results in most potential partners not daring or approaching them out of fear of rejection.


SWORD (September 5 – October 14)

Independence and success

Personality: A member of the sign of the Sword is an exceptional person who can achieve great things provided they pursue their goals without caring about the opinions of others, who usually have difficulty understanding their aspirations. The second condition is that they respect a certain rhythm, without being impatient, and so quickly discouraged. They are great lovers of risks and challenges, so they often tend to go on adventurous paths, with the explanation that they only want to “see how it is” or because of the desire for change. Fortunately, they benefit from a sharpened sense of intuition, which they can rely on, and know how to surround themselves with the right people. Friends, lovers and family support them and give them good advice.

Life challenge: not to make decisions based on their immense pride! Aware of their abilities, they often succeed brilliantly, but at the same time they must not convince themselves that they have already reached the end of the journey, when in fact they have just begun it. On a sentimental level, it wouldn’t hurt them at all to be more modest and less interested in others.

Secret dream: big family, lots of kids and lots of friends! But personal goals consume all their time and energy. Hence the feeling of frustration that must prevail: after all, life has always been very generous to them.


BLUDGEON (October 15 – November 23)

Favorite person

Personality: it may be pleasant and flattering to hear that you were born in this sign, but despite the good epithets that adorn it, Bludgeon also has its weak points. But let’s start on the nice side. A member of this sign accumulates a lot of strength, is calm, is adorned with self-confidence, knows their abilities and knows how to use them at the right time. They are wisely guided by the strengths that they have, born leaders, a true team leader and are therefore often surrounded by a circle of fans and followers. Their mission is to guide others to follow them. Although they sometimes seem to have an overly authoritative attitude towards their environment, no one disputes their position as a leader.

Life challenge: to be loved for what you are, not for what you represent, for what you have in your heart, not for what you show. And all this so that they could take off their protective armor and become an ordinary man again. This is exactly what his or her love partners and children expect.

Secret dream: they would like everything: fame, wealth, success, money, great love, all these expectations are actually a reflection of extreme fragility and fear of loneliness. To support all their grandiose projects, they use incredible energy and great happiness.

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