Nightingale of a broken heart

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George Michael was unique in his appearance, not only on the British music scene but also worldwide. A popstar with a stunning voice, a charismatic look and a very interesting personality.

Most people often wonder why they were born and what their life mission is, but they never get the answer. However, there are people like George Michael, whose answer to this dilemma has always been clear. He was born to sing, amaze and inspire millions of people with his appearance. It was his destiny, the karmic task he accomplished in the best possible way, and moved on. Therefore, he was, without exaggeration, one of the highest quality vocals on the world stage.

George Michael was born on June 25, 1963, in the first lunar phase, the fifth day of the young moon, in a year marked by 13 full moons and 12 young moons. What is interesting in interpreting this data is that persons born in a year with 13 full moons are more prone to vice and internal confusion than the rest.

In the Bosnian horoscope, George was born in the sign of Linden and what is characteristic for the man of this sign is a great emotionality, a strong need to be accepted and a sensitive nature. In public, he always likes to present himself as a strong personality in order to conceal his gentle side. He always expects his partner to give him a lot of attention, even initiative, to which he doubles as he is generous in nature. George Michael was a typical representative of this character who always tried to focus on what he was doing, whether it was conversation or lifestyle, and sought control to keep as much detail about himself as possible in the realm of private and intimate.

Number 5 belongs to George according to numerology. It is a symbol of people who love change and do not come to terms with everyday life and established norms. In addition, the people of this number are resourceful and creative. His numerological chart indicates great emotionality and connection with his family. But he was prone to indecision and often took a long time to make a decision or move in some direction. While in his twenties he had quite a lot of energy, in his thirties, (from the age of 35), he suddenly disappeared, and then his impasse followed: he had neither the will nor the strength to realize new business successes, and was increasingly depressed and suffering from psychological crises.

According to the numerological chart, his most difficult life span begins at 49, culminating in his death at 53. Lung and heart health problems were crucial factors that led to the end of his life.

Lonely and unhappy next to everyone around him

However, while his career was booming, his private life was not particularly successful. Therefore, it must be admitted that Marie Callas was absolutely right in saying that no real artist is actually happy. Art is indescribably beautiful but extremely cruel to one who transmits it to other people.

Despite his great career success, George Michael was extremely unhappy in his love life: his first known partner Anselmo was infected with HIV (of which he died), creating great stress and fear in George, since he suspected that his partner had transmitted this deadly disease to him. He spoke about it in one of the interviews, describing great fear and despair as he waited for the test results. His next partner was Kenny Goss, a notorious alcoholic and troublemaker who also had a negative effect on George, who himself struggled with addiction.

His last known partner, Fadi Fawaz, was a typical example of a person with a purely material interest in a relationship. George was a very rich man who could afford such a luxury, but in fact very unhappy as he never, through his life, had a quality and reliable person beside himself, someone who would positively influence him and rely on him. And this is exactly what Linden characters need the most.

Therefore, one should not be surprised by the fact that throughout his life, George has struggled with inexplicable sadness. At one time he used to make a positive use of it by making his big hits, but later, grief overcame and guided him.

The side effect of rapid career success at the expense of unlived adolescence did not bypass George, like many other stars, and manifested itself through experimentation with drugs, changes in sexual partners and psychoses. What was characteristic for George was his relatively rapid physical change, especially of his face, which was clearly a reflection of his inner condition. All his changing moods, stages of addiction, depression and confusion left a mark on his face. However, despite everything his smile always remained the same, like a child’s, as his eyes grew sadder with time.

Soul and reincarnation

George Michael’s soul before he was born in London in 1963 had a very traumatic event. The fetus with his soul ended up in the body of a woman who did not want to give birth to him and had an abortion. His karmic mission abruptly ended there, and continued after a year, this time in the body of his mother, Leslie. Because of this, he was extremely attached to his mother and had a very difficult time dealing with her death. It was this death that awakened in him the trauma of rejection and abandonment that he had difficulty coping with. A new birth (reincarnation) of his soul will occur in a small country where he will be born again as a man, but this time as a twin, his profession will be design, and in this life he will be realized through marriage and children. In the new life, George will finally meet his soulmate, a karmic partner, with whom he will accomplish what he has always wanted and never had – love.